Why “Star Wars: The Old Republic: Revan” was a HUGE disappointment


***Warning: This review contains MASSIVE spoilers for the following Star Wars titles: “Knights of the Old Republic”, “Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords”, and the new MMO, “The Old Republic”. Just thought I’d warn you all. ~Sincerely, Rammfan518***

Part I: History Lesson

To properly explain why I was so disappointed in Drew Karpyshyn’s “Star Wars: The Old Republic: Revan”, I have to provide you with some backstory about my personal experience with both the characters and the games.

On July 15, 2003, Bioware and Lucasarts released “Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic” for the XBOX, taking it to the PC a couple months later. I didn’t play it until the next year, after my buddy from high school kept talking about how fantastic it was and how I just had to play it. I can still remember us standing in the gym, dressed in our dumb white and purple gym clothes, and him raving about Revan, Bastila, and a “huge twist”. So, the next weekend, with a two-liter bottle of Shasta Cola at my side, I rented KOTOR and began to play.

Now, this isn’t a review of the game KOTOR, but let me go ahead and say that KOTOR was one of the most enjoyable game-playing experiences I’ve had. It was easy to play, the characters were interesting, the plot, engaging. Like the original Star Wars trailer says, it was an “epic of heroes and villains and aliens from a thousand worlds.”

Since I played the game as a male (you can choose to be either female or male from the beginning), I’ll explain the story from the male perspective.

KOTOR begins with a character who has lost his memory, waking up on a Republic ship that is under attack by Darth Malak’s villanous Sith. With the aid of some dude, the man escapes in an escape pod and lands on the planet Taris below, meeting Carth Onasi, a Republic pilot, and a couple of aliens who are going to help him throughout the game. Bastila Shan, a Jedi who was on the ship as well, is somewhere on Taris, her escape pod having landed in an Unknown Place. As the man starts his adventure, he has dreams of an event on a starship, showing Jedi hottie yelling something and fighting a man named Revan.

Upon finding Bastila, you learn that you and her have a special bond in the Force, a connection that at first seems unexplainable. In time, you learn that Revan was a Sith Lord, whom Bastila defeated on his ship a while back. Revan and Malak were both great Jedi, but they disobeyed the Jedi Order and fought in the bloody Mandalorian Wars. Revan and Malak were victorious, but Malak and Revan disappeared for a bit. When the two returned, Malak and Revan with evil-ass motherfuckers who were coming to destroy the Republic.


Malak (left) and Revan (right) return as Sith baddies

Revan and Malak swept across the galaxy with their new army. Bastila was sent with a Jedi strike team to go and capture Revan. In a massive battle, Bastila and her team boarded Revan’s flagship, but before they could engage them, Malak betrayed his buddy and fired on his ship. This left Revan unconscious, clinging to life.


Bastila with a knocked-out Revan

Midway through the game, the man learns that HE is Revan, the evil dark lord, who’s had his memory wiped and was trained to be good again. Bastila preserved his mind and body through the Force, keeping him alive. Thus, the Force Bond is explained.

When playing the game, you are then given the choice to follow the path of light and deny your old evil ways, or you can choose to reclaim your title as ultimate fucker and join the dark side. Following the canonical version of the story, the new Revan chooses to be good, and if you play it a certain way, Bastila and Revan fall in love. Bastila will deny having any feelings for you, even though she admits it and stumbles over her words from time to time, angry at the emotions rushing through her. It’s a well-written love story that seems honest and organic (not like Episode II). Bastila is captured during the game and is warped to the dark side, but in the end, Revan tells her he loves her and she loves him and she’s redeemed. W00t! Revan defeats Malak and his buddies save the galaxy and they are all given a medal, woo hoo!


Near the beginning…



Toward the middle…


At the end…

As I stated earlier, KOTOR was one of the best gaming experiences I’ve ever had, and many agree. KOTOR’s characters and story won the hearts of many a Star Wars and RPG fan. Me, being a softie, enjoyed the love story, and loved Bastila so much that I put her at the top of my Top Ten Star Wars Ladies list that I made four years ago.

So, Revan was a Jedi, defied the council, fought in a war, got lost a bit, came back as a Sith Lord, got defeated by Bastila, had his memory wiped, learned to be a Jedi again, learned of his past, denied it, fell in love with Bastila, became a Jedi again, and saved the Republic. Pretty cool story.

I was excited as hell when I found out there was going to be a sequel, titled “Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords.” I couldn’t wait to play as Revan again, wondering what Bastila and the rest of the crew were up to. Well, KOTOR 2 doesn’t revolve around Revan at all, but instead about a Jedi known as the Exile who blah blah something starwarsy blah blah. So where was Reavn? Luckily, the Exile comes across some of the characters from the first game, who mention Revan and explain what happened to him after the events of KOTOR.

Canderous Ordo, the Mandalorian dude from the first game, had this to say “After defeating Malak, Revan made the decision that he would travel to the Unknown Regions. He was searching for something. I wanted to go with him. I respected him, knew he could use me where he was going. But Revan refused, saying he must travel alone,” and later went on to say “Revan never said what he was looking for, or what to be ready for. I don’t know if I’ll ever know.” Later, the Exile stumbles upon a recording in T3, Revan’s droid from the first game. It’s a recording of Bastila in which she says “I’m leaving this message inside you because I have seen the glimpses of the future…and the bond that he [Revan] and I share does not allow him to hide everything from me. More of his memories have returned – and they trouble him. He has remembered something on the edge of the galaxy, and he believes that he must go there and end it. But I’m afraid for him…afraid that he may not return.” She then goes on to say “I can’t lose him, even if he believes he is protecting me.” Later in the game, there is even a cameo by Bastila and Carth, discussing Revan’s disappearence, where she says “There are times I fear we shall never know why he left, Carth. And I cannot live not knowing the answer, why he sought to protect us.” To which Carth replies, “He told us to stay, to keep the Republic safe. It was important to him.”

So, Revan went off to the Unknown Regions of space, on the intuition of some unknown threat, leaving all his friends and his beloved Bastila behind. Very dramatic!

While I would have loved for KOTOR 2 to feature Bastila and Revan together, fighting off some baddies and saving the galaxy again, I was content with this “went off into self-exile” route because there was always hope in the back of my mind that he would come back. They do get back together, I know they do, I would think. As the years went on, and Star Wars released more and more things, and after not hearing about Revan for a while, I wondered if we would ever hear back from him. Wookiepedia, the Star Wars wiki, had simply said “it is not know if he ever returned.” And that’s how it was, from 2005 onwards, until a new game was announced that once again kicked up the fan speculation.

“Star Wars: The Old Republic”, a Star Wars MMO, was announced in late October 2007, with details and a title given to us a year later. The game was to be set in the era of Revan and Bastila, just 300 years after the events of the original KOTOR, making them long dead, opening up the stage for new characters. One of the first we were introduced to was Satele Shan, Grand Jedi Master, and leader of the Council.


Distant descendant of Bastila

OMG HER LAST NAME IS SHAN! THAT MUST MEAN BASTILA HAD A CHILD!!! But who was the father? As far as we knew, Revan had gone off into the netherparts of the galaxy, never to be seen again. Did he come back and did they have kids? Did Bastila have kids with someone else? Was there perhaps another Shan out there? WHO WAS THE BABYDADDY?!

While my nerdy go-to Star Wars nerd friend said it might be someone else than Revan, but I wouldn’t listen (people say I’m stubborn sometimes…) If Revan wasn’t the father of Bastila’s child, I might have turned to the dark side. Little did I know that “Star Wars: The Old Republic: Revan” would take me dangerously close.

Part II: Revan

I found out that Revan was going to be released about a month before it hit bookshelves, and I was brimming with excitement. I cannot describe the utter glee I felt that we might finally get our hero back, and that he and Bastila will get together, and that they might have kids, and then they might go on to being overused characters in many other works of Star Wars fiction like every other character (Boba Fett, anyone?). In a world in which I thought Revan was never to return, his tale was never to end, I wondered how it would happen. How would they be reunited? How would it all happen? I ran to the bookstore, saw the twenty-seven dollar price tag, and waited to get Christmas money. After the holidays, I ran back to the bookstore, picked it up and began reading.

Now, let me remind you that the last we heard of Revan, he had gone off to the Unknown Regions of space and had not been seen for quite some time. Bastila, his love interest, and all his other buddies had been left behind to wonder what happened to him. So I was a bit confused when Revan woke up in bed next to his wife in the SIXTH PARAGRAPH of the prologue. “Careful not to wake his wife, he rolled out of bed and went to the refresher to splash some cool water on his face.” Wait, he’s married? Did he marry someone in the Unknown Regions. What? A little further down, we learn that his wife is Bastila. WHAT?

So, apparently Revan has been having some bad dreams, of a storming planet, fit with lightning, thunder, and dark clouds. Bastila suggests that he should go to the Jedi Council and talk with them about it. Revan is skeptical, and Bastila replies with some sentences ending in exclamation marks which seem to come out of nowhere. Why is she yelling? Why is Bastila, the cool, sassy, emotionally grounded female suddenly loosing her cool at the drop of a hat? Oh well, whatever.

So…the book starts with Revan and Bastila married. But…wasn’t he gone in the Unknown Regions? I thought so too…don’t worry, it all clears up (sort of) a little bit later.

So now we get to the real star of the book, some character from the new “The Old Republic” video game, Lord Scourge (whatever). In the following CHAPTERS, we learn about Lord Scourge and the Sith Empire and their council and the Emperor of the Sith Empire and all that jazz. While this might be interesting, I bought this book because it was called REVAN, and that’s who I want to read about. The book goes back and forth, alternating chapters between the Sith guy and our old hero, but I personally didn’t give two shits about Scourge. Why should I care about him? I supposed these two would meet up at the end of the book, so I gritted my teeth and made it through.


Lord Scourge

Revan goes to the Jedi Temple in hopes of finding answers about his visions. While his search is in vain, he does stumble upon some information about the Exile from KOTOR 2, who’s now been given the name Meetra Surik. After going to the Archives, he meets Canderous in a bar because he had something to tell him. Canderous tells Revan that the Mandalorian tribes are looking for the mask of Mandlolore, the almighty talisman of the Mandalorians, which unites them together and signifies their leader. Canderous says that there are tons of groups of Mandalorians looking for the mask on the snowy planet Rekkiad, where Revan might have hidden it years earlier. Revan thinks it’s important to be there when the mask is found (perhaps a clue to finding this stormy planet), so Revan and Canderous make plans to go to Rekkiad and look for it, I guess. Ok…

When Revan returns home, Bastila tells him she is pregnant, which is cool, I guess, but I’m still wondering why no one has ever mentioned that he was gone to the Unknown Regions. What the fuck? Revan tells her that he must go to Rekkiad to find out what his visions mean, so he might ensure peace for her and their unborn child. Lame. So, Bastila escorts her husband and T3 to the spaceport and watches the good ol’ Ebon Hawk take flight, pregnant with his child. Doesn’t that seem, I dunno, kind of dickish? Oh well.

So Canderous and Revan go out to Rekkiad, and there’s a chapter of them, then a chapter of the Sith, then a chapter of Revan, and blah blah, Canderous finds the mask and becomes the new Mandalore. There, Revan finds a holocron or data disk or something that tells him of some Sith and he has to go to the planet Nathema. Whatever. So Revan makes his way to Nathema, when he is shot down by Lord Scourge who had just been there, thus bringing him into the enemy’s hands. Oh no! Not really…by this time, I was over the entire book, but I had to finish.

Lord Scourge tells Lord Nyriss, his superior, that he captured Revan. Lord Nyriss then explains that she knows a bit about Revan, and says that he and Malak discovered Dromund Kaas on accident years ago. This is when she says one of the stupidest things ever, establishing the fact the Sith Emperor can bend people to his will and use them as puppets, which he did so to Revan all those years ago.

So… before KOTOR I, when Revan and Malak attacked the Republic, he was being manipulated? He wasn’t even being evil? He was just a puppet the entire time? FUCKING LAME. Doesn’t that change his WHOLE CHARACTER and lessen the significance of his redemption? What the fuck? Rrrrr.

So, Lord Nyriss and Lord Scourge plan on learning all these secrets from Revan, how he’s now resisting the Emperor’s manipulation and all that, putting him in a detention cell.

Alright, so let’s get onto Part II of the book. Part Two begins with no real frills, and at first, I didn’t even notice it WAS part two. What the fuck? Look at this picture.


“Part Two” in the top right corner. Why so small?

Anyway, part two begins with the sentence: “Bastila tucked her son into bed and leaned down to kiss him on the cheek.” Huh? She have another son? Who was this kid? “At the door, she turned and looked back at him, marveling at how much the three year-old boy already looked like his father.” Oh, so the kid’s three already? Oh, ok. You think they could have at least devoted a whole page to saying “PART TWO” so I wouldn’t get all fucking confused. Anyway, whatever. So I guess it’s been three or so years since we last left off. Revan’s been captive for three years and Bastila’s been stuck raising the child. Ok…

The opening scene of part two is Bastila and Meetra talking, (god, I hate this fucking book), discussing Revan and where he went. In short, this scene brought to light that all the events in Part One were BEFORE the events of KOTOR 2 and BEFORE Revan ever went off into the Unknown Regions. So, you’re telling me that when we saw Bastila in KOTOR 2, she was already married and had a child with Revan? Man, fuck that. Fuck that like a hundred times. That’s fucking stupid.

So, now, Part Two (AFTER KOTOR 2), Bastila and Meetra meet up and Bastila wants to find Revan. Meetra suggests that she go, along with the trusty droid T3 to seek him out. Bastila does wish to go 1) but would think leaving behind her son or 2) taking him with her would be a bad idea, which actually kind of makes sense (which is good in storytelling, y’know…).

So Meetra and T3 go off and whatever and blah and fucking boring and eventually, they reach Dromund Kaas, the Sith world where Revan has been captive. Meetra manages to get a meeting with Scourge, and whatever, they agree to be allies out of circumstances because both share a common enemy, the Sith Emperor, who’s fucking cray cray and wants to destroy EVERYTHING. After a little skirmish, Scourge, Meetra, Revan, and T3 escape and head for Kaas City to confront the Emperor himself. I understand the urgency of the situation, but if I were Revan, wouldn’t I want to see MY WIFE AND CHILD first? Like…I don’t know. At least he asks about them right off the bat.

So, anyway, the three go to Kaas City and confront the Sith Emperor because he might whatever and be evil and shit. By this point, I was done. I expected that we’d get a confrontation with the Emperor, then Revan, Meetra, and T3 would escape. THEN Revan would get back to Bastila, THEN they’d live happily ever after. But I was fucking wrong.

First off on the death list is T3, the trusty droid, who’s blasted away in like three sentences. “Almost too weak to move, Revan managed to raise his head just in time to see the Emperor turn on the brave little astromech. A tremor rippled through the air as the Emperor unleashed the full power of the Force against the defenseless droid. >T3 never stood a chance. The little droid exploded into a million pieces, internal circuits and external casing obliterating in a single instant.” While Revan DOES shout “No!”, this is all we’re given for T3’s death. WHAT THE FUCK? You just kill him off in like two seconds? There’s no kind of literary equivalent of the slow-motion death? Why didn’t he just write “And the Emperor blew him up. Moving on...” Fuckin’ A.

Next up, we get Meetra. “Instead of advancing with his two companions, Scourge stepped to the side so that he was standing directly behind Meetra. There was a flicker in his consciousness as the universe snapped back to full speed, and he slid the blade of his lightsaber between her shoulders. > Meetra gasped and toppled forward, dead before she hit the ground.” …serious? You kill off T3 on page 277, and then kill off Meetra on page 279? What the fuck? Why am I getting a feeling that this author is cleaning house with these characters he doesn’t seem to have any use for? It should have just said “And since they don’t do anything else, they get killed and he dies.” Like, these are CHARACTERS that fans have come to love and appreciate, and you just throw them away? How mean!

At this point, I was about ready to throw the book across the room, but I kept going. I thought “Alright, Revan’s going to get out of here AT LEAST, get back to Bastila, inform everyone of the Sith, and then live with her and stuff.” Well, I was wrong again, for what transpires, has to be, for me, one of the most disappointing endings in any story for me ever.

Revan gets his fucking ass kicked by the two-timing Scourge (never trust a Sith, dude) and the Emperor. However, he does not die. After a page break, Revan finds himself in a sort of laboratory/prison “hovering somewhere between life and death”. He can feel the Emperor feeding off of him and his energy. We learn the Emperor wants the secrets of the Republic, and the Jedi, their ways, and so forth, so he put Revan in this stasis-prison thing where he could interrogate him seemingly forever. Ok…what?

The epilogue, however, is what really set me off. It begins with Reesa asking “Why is your hair all gray?” She’s asking this Bastila, her grandmother, who replies “Because I’m an old, old woman.” Now, hold the phone…Bastila’s fucking old now? The scene follows, their son old now, married and with children. They talk about some shit and whatever and how she misses Revan and fuck whatever who cares. YOU TELLING ME SHE NEVER SAW REVAN AGAIN?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! From the moments we saw her heartbroken in KOTOR 2, wondering why he left, wondering if he’d ever come back. . .HE DIDN’T? You’re telling me that myself, and many other Star Wars fans, waited seven years for the reunification of these two and IT NEVER CAME? WHAT THE FUCK?! Then what the fuck did I read this for?

Let me break this up for a moment to enter in the unrelated complaint that NO ONE ACTS LIKE THEY DID IN THE GAME, especially Bastila. Bastila, in the games, was sassy and tight-lipped, and resistant to show any emotion. There always was a lighter side there (perhaps an intense one), but she was always embarrassed to show it. So why in this book is she not fucking sassy or ANYTHING? All she does is sit around. SERIOUSLY? SHE’S BASTILA, not that fucking lame-o Padme. Anyway, back to me feeling shitty about the ending.

Spurred on my nerd-rage at the ending, I went to the internet and did some research. I checked up Wookiepedia’s Revan page, and this is where the biggest blow came. I learned that Revan came out of his stasis 300 years later. Wait, 300 years later? Isn’t that the same time…as the new video game? ARE. YOU. FUCKING. KIDDING. ME.


Revan in the new game :/

So, the only reason Revan was put into a stasis-prison was so that he could be in your little video game? SERIOUSLY? Why does Star Wars ALWAYS shoe-horn? ALWAYS. We love our characters, we do, but they don’t have to be in EVERYTHING, and the reasons for why they are in everything are fucking terrible. Don’t they understand that shoe-horning in characters in stories they don’t belong in sacrifices the story? Just look at the way Boba Fett was shoe-horned into Episode II and tell me it isn’t lame.

Some people have said they appreciate the tragic end to Bastila and Revan’s romance. Don’t get me wrong, I like tragic endings to love stories too (Romeo and Juliet, etc.), but not when they AREN’T warranted. If Revan or Bastila died, sacrificing themselves for one another, or their child, that would have been different. But the only reason this love story is tragic is because they wanted to put Revan in a game that takes place 300 years later. ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS? Makes me so damn mad.

So, was this book even a story, or just a thinly veiled advertisement for the video game? YES, it IS called “The Old Republic: Revan”, but I didn’t think they could possibly fuck it up this bad. Lord Scourge is in the game, the Sith Emperor is in the game, Revan is in the game. What is this? Storytelling, or marketing? And why can’t you just do both well?

AND, apparently in the new game (in one of the modes or whatever) you confront Revan, and after defeating him, he vanishes in a bright light…and that’s it. Even Wookiepedia states: “But before the final blow could be struck, Revan disappeared in a flash of light. Not a trace of him could be found. It was unknown whether he became one with the Force or somehow managed to escape.” In another cutscene I’ve seen, Revan talks about Meetra and how she meant so much to Republic, but how, to her, she meant “…more.” Wait, are you insinuating that Revan and Meetra had a thing going on too? WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! Some are complaining that this “escaped in a flash of light” ending is a terrible end to Revan, and I heartily agree with that. They no doubt didn’t kill him off just so he could come back later in some other story. *Defeated sigh* Characters have their arcs, leave it at that.

So, what are they going to do with him, now? Make sure he’s in every Old Republic-era material, clone him, and put him in stasis, and then reveal there was another person pretending to be him? This is all fucking dumb. Why can’t they just end a good story when they can? Why do they gotta fuck shit up?

Part III: How I would have done it

I told my friends about this (like, all of them, sorry. friends), and they asked me how I would have done it. How would I have put Revan in a game 300 years after the events of his life? While I stressed that I NEVER WOULD BECAUSE THAT’S FUCKING STUPID, they urged me on. I thought for about a minute, sipping my beer, and came up with that some sort of Force-curse was put on him that would grant him long life. Maybe it would drain the Force from him as well, or something, but yes, granted with long life or immortality. You want a tragic ending? How fucking tragic would it be for Revan to come back home and see his wife and child, and all his grandchildren, grow up and die? Generation after generation of family members, dying, going through life’s cycles, all the while, Revan there to watch. Now THAT’S tragic. Then, when you find him in TOR, you could perhaps find him in exile, cut off from the galaxy, a strange old hermit, if you will, destined to live out his days in sadness. Then, he could, I dunno, join your team or whatever.

But this section is not to discuss this whole shoe-horning thing, but how I would have written it, had Lucas Books come to me and said “Hey, Rammfan, want to write the story of Revan and Bastila?” Of course I would, I would love to!, and here’s what follows here is a simple draft and some brainstorming how I would’ve done it. I know, it borders on fanfiction, but let’s not use that bad word, ha. Here goes nothing:

Let’s see. The book would start out with some Republic ship or whatever with some Jedi on board, that is near the Unknown Regions of space. Maybe then they could be attacked or something by some Sith or whatever, but not before sending a distress signal to the Republic. The Jedi send a message to the Council, saying that they sense a strong Force presence out here, a great one of sorrow and despair. The ship is then destroyed and the recording is cut off.


Classic Bastila

Enter Bastila Shan, Jedi hottie and sassy lady. We could chronicle her on a mission on Coruscant or something, re-introducing us to the heroin we all loved so much. In this scene, we’d re-establish her CHARACTER TRAITS (sassy, attitude, bitchy, smart-ass, etc.) from the game. After defeating, I dunno, a gang-lord who was holding children captive or something, we’d have her returning to her apartment on Coruscant. Here, we could establish that she’s about to go on a mission to, I dunno, Alzoc III, in the next couple days to do something thing.

While tough on the outside (as always), we learn that Bastila is vulnerable, still missing Revan, still thinking about their adventures and her redemption (he saved her from the dark side, remember?). And we could explain how she’s been feeling this way the past four years (remember, he went off to the Unknown Regions!) and how she wonders if he would come through the door, even though she knows it’s silly because he doesn’t know where she lives and so on. Then, just before she is about to go down to sleep, she receives a message from the Jedi Temple about a recording they have received. She’s a bit surprised when she finds out it doesn’t have to do with the Alzoc III mission, but tells them she will get in the morning. When they tell her it’s from the Unknown Regions, she agrees to see it now.

She is greeted at the Temple by whoever and whatever Jedi Masters are there. I’m guessing there could be some from KOTOR 1 or whatever, like that little Yoda dude, but remember, this story is not about cameos, but about Revan and Bastila. So, anyway, Bastila learns of the great presence in the Unknown Regions. Everyone knows she immediately thinks of Revan, but no one says anything. She is asked to investigate the strange force, and upon asking why, she is told that it might be Revan and if anyone should go an investigate, it should be her because of the Force bond they shared. She fails to bring up their romantic relationship to the council. If she were to accept this mission, she would have to go immediately. She is sent back home to think about everything.

Bastila doesn’t hesitate to make her decision. So, the next morning she contacts Jolee and Juhani, asking them to go on the Alzoc III mission for her. They don’t really want to go at first, but when Bastila tells them that the mission might concern Revan, they quickly volunteer to take her Alzoc III mission and encourage her to find him and bring him back.

Next, Bastila goes to, I dunno, some Republic building or something and asks to see Carth Onasi. The guards there says he has a meeting in a couple minutes, but she Force Mind Tricks them into letting her see him. She knows it’s wrong, but does it anyway. Here, she asks Carth if he wants to take her to the Unknown Regions on this dangerous mission. Like Juhani and Jolee, he decides to help when he learns about Revan. This is when Mission and Zaalbaar come in. It’s impossible for them not to learn about the mission, and they want to go along. Bastila thinks it too dangerous to have them, so she tells them to aid Juhani and Jolee, where help will be needed. Zaalbaar insists on going to find Revan (because of the whole life debt thing), but Bastila assures them the best way to help Revan would be to help her and go to Alzoc III. They reluctantly agree and wish Bastila all the best.

(It might also be nice to introduce, I dunno, NEW CHARACTERS, like perhaps a young person Bastila could take on as an apprentice, or perhaps a stowaway who was on the ship, whatever, all that could be figured out later.)

So, Carth and Bastila go looking out to investigate what the threat was, which will lead them to some planet and whatever or something (all this could be worked out later), and GASP, they will eventually find Revan in the hands of some Sith cult led by some woman, let’s call her Sithlady for now.

So, Bastila and Carth report their findings to the Jedi Council that there is a Sith Cult out here in the Unknown Regions. They call for the Republic to help them out, but the Republic is stretched too thin and they need more proof before sending any ships. Bastila is a bit furious, as is Carth. If things weren’t bad enough, Bastila and Carth receive a message from Juhani and the others on Alzoc III that they need help. Bastila, sensing Revan close-by, doesn’t want to leave him. Carth understands this, having lost his wife a while back in the bombing of Telos. Bastila tells him to drop her off planetside and then help the others, which he does.


Bastila confronts Sithlady’s block-headed forces

She kills some baddies and whatever, searching the planet, finding that Sithlady is building a whole fleet of ships. She is eventually overwhelmed by some Sith people with lightsabers or taken out somehow. Either way, she is captured by Sithlady. There’s some hopelessness and blah and stuff, and it is now that we learn that Sithlady was what Malak and Revan discovered the first time they were out in the outer rim. They found her being all evil and shit, but in them trying to defeat her and turn her back to the light side, she turned them to the dark side. Malak and Revan defeated her, taking her army and returning to the Republic to wreak havoc. But she was not defeated, and Revan had felt her presence in the back of his mind, although at the time he could not remember what it was. Sithlady quickly captured Revan when he went to the Unknown Regions, and has now been holding him, torturing him, trying to break him, making him suffer for defeating her and ruining her plans. Bastila can feel the sorrow in Revan’s heart, and knows that he is about to die. When he gets tortured, it hurts her as well, and although she tries her best to break free from her bonds, she can’t.

Then, for a rousing act III, Sithlady could bring Revan and Bastila together in the same room so she can watch Revan die. Sithlady begins to, I don’t know, electrocute him or something, bringing him close to death, which would pain Bastila immensely. Then, just as she’s about to bring Revan’s death to realization, there is a great big disturbance. In classic Star Wars fashion, Carth and Jolee and all the others have returned from Alzoc III and have brought what ships they could. This is enough of a distraction for Bastila to finally break free of her bonds, get a lightsaber from somewhere (detail to be figured out later), and take on Sithlady.

While Carth, the others, and the Republic fight on the ground and in space, destroying Sithlady’s army, Bastila and Sithlady have quite a battle, and when things start to look grim, Revan is broken from his bonds. He gets a lightsaber from somewhere (once again, to be worked out later) and he and Bastila fight together against Sithlady. So, after lots of fighting, the Republic wins and Bastila and Revan defeat Sithlady, Sithlady, both of them destroying his past, together. SYMBOLISM! Then, at last, free from the torment of the Sith, and free to be together, Bastila and Revan share a kiss as the Sith fleet routs into the wilds of space.

For our denouement, Bastila, Revan and the others could return to the Republic, once again, as heroes. Yay! But this time, Revan would be here to stay.

Now, IF YOU REALLY WANTED TO TIE THIS INTO THE NEW GAME, because YOU JUST GOTTA out of some DUMB NEED or CONTRACTUAL AGREEMENT, then I would have a final scene where Revan and Bastila are in their Coruscant apartment or whatever and he is feeling restless in the night. She finds him on the balcony, looking off toward the night traffic, sipping some cocoa or rum and coke (w00!) or something. She could ask him what is troubling him, and he could say “nothing.” She could then joke that he isn’t going to go off and leave again, to which he replies “no”. He tells her he’ll go inside in a minute and just needs to collect his thoughts. This is when we find out that he felt something else out in the Unknown Regions. Nothing strong, just an inkling. Sithlady is gone, but there was a threat that was still there…something out there, elusive. Revan knows he could never leave Bastila, his friends, and the Republic again. He decides not even to tell her nor the Jedi, in fears of causing them further distress, but instead vows to himself to train the best Jedi he can be the best Jedi he can, so that whatever threat he sensed can be easily dispensed with when the time comes. Then he could return to bed.

The inkling of whatever he felt could of course be the new Sith Empire from the new game coming out. So, he could have sensed this threat 300 years before, feeling the Emperor’s power or whatever. So, it’s kind of like a teaser trailer for the game, which I think is a WAY BETTER way to generate fan interest than shoe-horning and putting characters in stories that take place in eras they never lived.

So yea, that’d be my take on the ending to the Bastila/Revan story. I think it’d be nice as well to perhaps have a young kid, like a stowaway on the ship, that Bastila could at first hate and then grow to like. Y’know? Like how Alan Grant hates kids in the beginning of Jurassic Park, but then has to protect Lex and Tim, thus, at the end of the movie, liking them. Wouldn’t it be sweet if Bastila and Revan adopted said orphan to raise as their own? I think it’d be grand, but oh well. Maybe my version sucks worse than the one Drew wrote, who knows. I’m sure you’ll voice your opinions in the comments.

Part IV: Conclusion


Well, here we are. I don’t really know what else to say. My nerdy Star Wars friend told me I should have seen it coming. Had I been more attentive, I might have noticed the book was called “The Old Republic: Revan”. I guess I just focused more on the “Revan” than “the Old Repbulic.” So, Revan’s story continues in the MMO. Didn’t Lucas Books take into account that some of us might not want to play the MMO? I mean, I love the cinematic videos and Bioware rocks, but I have a crappy computer and no interest to play an MMO. So…where does that leave fans like me?

I don’t know what else to say. I guess with these things, everyone is going to have their own opinion. I can’t speak for a bunch of fans. All I speak for is myself, and I’m sorry Mr. Karpyshyn, but I was severely disappointed in your novel and the entire direction Revan’s character is being taken in.

Imagine it’s 1987 and there’s just “Star Wars” and “The Empire Strikes Back.” Now, there’s a new Star Wars TV show coming on that takes place 300 years later, with a Skywalker lead character and some bad guy. In anticipation for the show, they’re coming out with the third Star Wars movie, called “Return of the Jedi”. The last we saw of our heroes in “The Empire Strikes Back”, Han was frozen and taken away, Luke had just learned Vader’s his father, Leia was in love with Han. Well, what if Luke wasn’t very heroic, Lando and Chewie died in like three shots, and Leia never saw Han Solo again. But hey, he’s in the TV show, so…awesome! Man, fuck that.

I feel like “Knights of the Old Republic” and “The Old Republic”, although both developed by Bioware, should be, narratively, two separate entities. KOTOR characters should stay in their KOTOR era, and TOR characters, although descendents of KOTOR characters, should stay in their TOR era. I don’t know…what’s done is done, and no matter what I say, there’s nothing Bioware or Lucasfilm or Lucas Books is going to about it.

Fan favorites are nice. Revan, Boba Fett, Yoda, Vader…they’re all fun to have in a story, but as I said, only if it’s warranted. Was there any real reason to put Boba Fett in the prequel trilogy? No. Was there ANY REASON to put Yoda in ONE SCENE of the “Force Unleashed II”? No. Was there any reason to put Revan in The Old Republic MMO? No. The narrative will ALWAYS suffer. ALWAYS. The narrative will also suffer if you just make a story to make money. I always figured that if a story is good, it will in turn make MORE MONEY because people will want to experience it again and again. But what do I know? I work in a deli, so whatever.

Drew knew that writing this book was a ballsy deed, saying on his blog: “Okay, now let’s talk Revan. I knew when I started working on this book that it was a ticking time bomb. Star Wars fans – and KOTOR fans in particular – are very passionate, and taking a character every player personalized and turning him into my personal version was a potential recipe for disaster. “

He goes on to state: “However, I’ve noticed that people who like the novel enjoy it for what it *is* [an advertisement], while those who are upset tend to be angry over what it *isn’t* [what we’ve all been waiting for]. For example, many of the 1-star folks are upset because the book doesn’t have the typical happy ending. I’m not sure why they’re surprised by this – KOTOR 2 established that Revan disappeared alone into the Unknown Regions and didn’t return.” Let me just clear that up by saying KOTOR 2 never established that he never came back. There was always the possibility he could return.

Well, there’s nothing else to say, is there? Maybe I’ll write an angry letter to this Mr. Karpyshyn, because, you know, it’s not nerdy what I’ve done enough already. Drew said it himself “ Star Wars fans – and KOTOR fans in particular – are very passionate,” so why was he so careless with taking a “character every player personalized”? Oh well, it’s just a book based on a just a video game that was based on just a movie. Fuck it. Real shame, though. Real shame.


77 thoughts on “Why “Star Wars: The Old Republic: Revan” was a HUGE disappointment

  1. your a retard plane and simple.. get over your man crush of revan its creepy. and to the comment about a cursae with eternal life. youd have to be george burns to hate watching your legacy grow. you make it sounds like family members are dying off every few minutes.. use your brain moron

  2. This was a really cathartic read, the KOTOR equivalent of the Redlettermedia reviews. Agree on everything, a bit relieved to see someone feel the same way as I do.

    Revan chasing some weird inkling of the past over taking care of Bastila and his unborn child just doesn’t fit with the guy who chose love over everything at the end of KOTOR. Karpyshyn, like Lucas himself, doesn’t seem to understand what made the original stories great in the first place.

  3. Having never played said game and/or read the apparently awful book I now want to play that game. Also, I want to read your book – all the books.
    Ich hab dich lieb. Du mache mich lächle (forgive my wrongness if it’s there.) :}
    I like the way you write. It’s hot. Just sayin’.

  4. Nice article, but I just want to make one correction. The picture you have labeled “Lord Scourge” underneath it, is not Lord Scourge. That’s Vindican, Darth Malgus’ master. He appears in the “Return” trailer when the Sith first make their comeback, and battles a young Satele Shan and her master. After he gets injured, and Satele Shan escapes, Malgus kills Vindican because he perceives him as failing.

  5. Sorry man, but I think your version of the book kinda sucks. I for one like the book, thought it did a good job of clearing things up. Some of the stuff you were complaining about sounded more like fanboy rage than actual compelling arguments. You have your own opinion, but I for one feel that you are wrong on this one.

  6. What would have fixed both SWTOR and the book is to simply have SWTOR take place roughly 10 years after KOTOR 1 & 2 rather than 300 years. Replace Satele Shan with Bastila Shan, retain the mission to rescue Revan in the game, and remove the mission that kills him (excuse me, that “disappears” him). Problem solved. Everyone would have been happy. They could have also had cameos of our favorite characters appear in SWTOR this way. In fact, there would have been no need for a book with this minor but effective adjustment to the timeline.

    • Now THIS is how the game should have been. I would prefer a KOTOR3 over an MMO, but this could work perfectly. You sir are a genius.

  7. Id much rather Revan had died a legend than been killed by some nooby Sith bastards 300 years after KOTOR 1. He was an awesome character and the story line was amazing and then they ruin it

  8. WOW reading this makes me realize that my views are almost identical to many other fans. SERIOUSLY what the hell things are going amazing in the end of the book, there was a twist where Lord Scourge Betrays them being the SITH LORD he is and all in all Revan, being in half of the book was yet again captured and put in stasis. I have never been so depressed over a book before but this one really pushed me over the edge. Yes, not every book needs a happy ending I realize that but this could have been semi-happy. Revan and Bastila at the end of the game Star Wars Knights of The Old Republic got together and that made me happy and was then taken later in the book for three years! Making me think he would have gone back to see her he went straight to the Emperor and got put in stasis for 300 years and disappears in the shitty new game. The book was absolutely amazing until the end, took me 2 days to read. And to top that off! They didnt continue on with anything on Revans son or his Children!
    People can hate on this all they want but I am certainly entitled to my opinion.

  9. nice article
    yea i kinda feel down about the story
    well…especially on meetra died stabbed in the back by damm scourage
    and just like that i was like… WTF !?
    Shes the hero of SWKOTOR II for christ sake !!!
    that just sucks…
    at least give them some glorious death
    like sacrificing themselves for another or anything like that

  10. You’re stupid and fucking retarded. If you had written your version instead, I would have burned all the copies. “Force-curse”? God you’re an idiot. The book was great and can you even comprehend the fact that people develop as a person from age and relationships and etc? Bastila in the book and Bastila in the game is sort of different because of her deep relationship with Revan as his wife now instead of his companion/lover. If you couldn’t see this, then you’re a retard and since you made it clear you didn’t see that, you have in fact proven me right. People like you shouldn’t be allowed to freely write articles like these.

  11. i agree whole heartedly with this reviewer im a revan fan and quite frankly im pissed about everything in this stupid book from the exile being a woman,having a stupid name getting stabbed in the back and why would revan and the exile just trust a sith they just met it makes no sense its just a shitty money grabbing tie in to swtor and all of you who actually think its good need an effing head examination

  12. and yes i do play swtor and let me just say it makes me physically sick just thinking of the pathetic endings of hk47 and revan in it

  13. oh and looking at the book at the bottom of the screen gave me an epiphany ,no one but timothy zann should be allowed to write about star wars cause he’s the only one who f#cking knows how!

  14. Yes, of course it’s a huge problem if the exile was a canon chick. I mean, yeah the book fucking sucked dude but really now?

  15. Needless to say. The only way to describe how revan dies is. Bioware took a legend and made his death a joke. Furthermore when Malgus rebuilt hk47 and made him his own droid. Hk47 would have tried to kill malgus just like he killed all of his other masters who were not revan. Due to his complete loyalty to revan even if his memory was wiped.

  16. I disagree with a lot of what was said in this review, and with the tone with which the reviewer portrayed. Maybe I wouldn’t have if he’d tried to not come off as a whiny fanboy but really that’s the only thing I for from reading this. T3 and Meetra died quickly as if they weren’t anyone special just like the should have. Sure they meant a lot to us, but that doesn’t mean they’re somehow above everyone else in the world. They are very much mortal and I feel that’s why they were killed off in such unheroic ways. It really just overhwhelms you with emotion at how easily and pathetically they’re cast aside, and the fact that you’re getting so upset over it is just proof that the author did a good job. Do you honestly think he thought you’d be happy with their deaths? No, he wanted you to be pissed, outraged, sad, just as if they were real characters and you did just that. I don’t like any of their fates, but I don’t have to. Not everything ends happily. Lovers may not see each other again, and Revan knew full and well that he might never see Bastila again, but you know why he did it? If you go back and read somewhere in the last few chapters he tells Scourge why. His son. He did it so his son could knew peace, even if that meant he would die and leave Bastila a widow, and he knew she would do the exact same. They may not follow all of the conducts of the Jedi, but they still are Jedi. Revan offered his new understandings of the Force to the council and they almost exiled him for it. He realizes that love can be a powerful conduit of the Lightside just as much as it can be for the Darkside, what determines that is the reasons behind that love. It’d be selfish of Revan to stay with Bastila, knowing his son and countless others would be doomed to whatever darkness was looming out in the Unknown Regions, and that’s why he left. He left as a sign of his love for Bastila, his son, and their kids, and for everyone in the republic. He was always a great Jedi, and he never really did agree with the old Jedi ways of thinking, that’s why he went off to war against the Mando’s. He felt he was doing the right thing, regardless of the Jedi and their teachings.

    He was a true Hero, but just because he was great doesn’t mean he deserves a Hero’s deaths. Plenty of hero’s go down in less than respectable ways. That’s what makes it a tragedy, and what provokes that catharsis of emotion from an audience. I loved Revan, and I think that he shouldn’t of been shoe-horned into TOR, but I simply can’t agree with this review. You just sound like an upset fanboy who didn’t get what he wanted. You come off as if you have this sense of entitlement and deserving, which really you don’t deserve anything. You didn’t create Revan. You may have played as him, and loved him but at the end of the day he always had a canon, and he was Bioware’s child. It sucks that not all the characters are portrayed with the same personalities as they did in the games, but maybe they changed? Maybe all the horror and death and destruction and everything that happened to them throughout the games and their lives morphed them into different people and THAT’S why they don’t act the way you feel. Or maybe it’s a combination of that and shotty writing. Who knows? I was satisfied with he book. I felt like absolute garbage afterwards, but Revan’s story had to end somewhere, and IIRC this book was released AFTER the game. So his fate was already decided. If you think about it, Karpyshyn didn’t get to choose where Revan ended up. Blame the development team who made Swtor for that. Karpyshyn just got to show you HOW he got there, and in my opinion he didn’t do too bad of a job.

  17. Excellent article. Indeed, you really brught to light what needed to be. I finished the first two games 2 and loved Revan’s story and that of the Exile. It’s really pathetic what they did in the book, killing an extremely complex character for absolutely no reason and then just magically putting the other to live for hundreds of years just be in the next game…really pathetic. Then, for fuck’s sakes, Revan was an awesome Sith Lord and/or Jedi Master by the end of the first game, one of the strongest beings in the universe. It’really annoying that in the book he jsut gets kicked aroubnd like an idiot and he is a fucking miniboss in the MMO. Fuck…I really can’t understan how you can take a very complex character from a very complex setting and with an awesome story behind and just throw it all away…If he had to be in the MMo there could have been millions of ways to beter do it than have him just inexplicably magically live for 300 years in a dungeon…Probably the worst book I’ve ever read not only for Revan, but the really lame attempt at creating and destroying the other characters+ other really low writing skills…so…fifty years or whatever just pass on like that from one paragraph to the next and young Bastila is now a Grandma…Really stupid.

  18. I definitely agree I loved kotor 1 and 2 wasn’t bad but they killed reven’s future with that stupid book and the mmo swtor. They should have just left him alone after the first game or in kotor 2 depending on witch choices u made said he went off to defeat some new threat of the sith or w/e with or without bastila, personally I liked the sith ending better. That’s it nothing more, not fuck up a great character.

  19. I understand what this guy meant about how the star wars franchise ruined Revan and Bastila Life story was sad, but main reason I could see all star wars fans around the world should start a riot over would be the fact in the book that Revan’s son turned into a fucking politician, Yes his descendants may turn into great jedi heros but a fucking politician. YOU TAKE THE TWO GREATEST JEDIS IN THE FUCKING GALAXY AND TURN THEIR CHILD INTO A FUCKING POLITICIAN IS THE CLEAR DEFINITION OF PURE EVIL.

    so yes it is sad the Revan the greatest Jedi hero villain combo turned into a dick who leaves our beloved Bastila knocked up only to find a evil sexy crazed prev (who has a fetish for blood orgies) and ends up as that pervs bitch for three hundred year, only to escape to have his loyal (PS I believe loyalty is the greatest trait that any person should have and felt heart broken when Revan’s..) super cool robot HK 43 (I THink it was 43) destroyed by four pricks who joined the dark side only to have Revan killed (No one knows if Revan died or what but at this point it would be best to have him die so that bio ware, Lucas and the rest of those assholes wont ruin the memory of Revan any further) and have Vaner shan (Revan’s son) turned into a fucking politician was the worse insult to injure anyone could do to Revan.

    The only possible thing that I would settle for would be the whole entire thing was a nightmare that Revan just woke up from, or that he found a time machine went back in time to stop any of that from happening, or you keep him dead, or my final solution every star wars fan unite and destroy everyone who ever took part in fucking up Revan’s life.

    (PS I vote for the first solution it would explain why Revan could every leave a knocked up Bastila in the first place)

  20. Look on the bright side, Revan didn’t lost every single one of his companions in KOTOR,not all of them…….. When he comes out from stasis, he still has one most loyal thing ever, HK-47!!!!!
    Sad they killed both Revan and HK off in the MMO.

  21. Revan was trained as a Jedi, went out to fight Mandalorians, corrupted by Sith Emperor, come back with Malak as conquerers, redeemed, went into the unknown regions again, captured for three years, rescued by old friend and the sith who held him captive, fight the Emperor, Meetra died, T3-m4 died, Scrouge becomes immortal, Revan held in stasis prison that preserved his body for three hundred years, rescued by a Jedi knight ( player of TOR, Jedi knight storyline ) meet with his old loyal droid HK-47 at an assassin droid foundry, confront invading sith together ( player of TOR, Sith Empire storyline ). HK was defeated and Revan just disappeared in a flash of light?!
    I mean there are many better ways to tell the story of a hero we all love…

  22. I agree with bastilas change in character since the journey they were on was over, and she’s taken a different role from jedi to being pregnant, I wish there was more past companion involvement like jolee, carth etc and even the companions from kotor 2, they all should have been involved, meetras involvement was great but her end was lazy pathetic by the writer, she should have died fighting, not die with a simple stab in the back, I don’t mind lord scourge, he’s an interesting character to read about but the book wasn’t called lord scourge it was called revan, now the writer should have given revan more fights to show his full potential powers so fans could get excited, I understand bioware are wanting revan in the new mmo because let’s face it the game is a sequel to kotor and because of revans character they have thousands playing online, they owe it to the character and the fans to do more with him, if they couldn’t fit the whole storey in 1 book then don’t, make a 2nd revan book, make even a series, make the storey worthy of the character, but the book was rushed and thrown together, and I’m sure Drew did his best and I liked his writing but his lack of knowledge on certain aspects of things did annoy me and the storey just wasn’t good enough

  23. I just finished playing the first KOTOR for the forth time and since I haven’t played it for a while and forgot a lot of the stuff, I fell in love with the story once again.
    I got so into the story and characters that I started reading everything I could find about them. I was so disappointed when I read what they did to Revan. I started reading the book this article is about but couldn’t help myself to research any info about what happened to the characters i felt in love with. I have to say, I agree witch 100% procent with You, rammfan. Such a disappointment. Taking a a character people know and love 300 years into the future without no good reason except “cause fans love ’em so let’s bring him back”. No man.

    I don’t mind bitter sweet endings. I’ve read the Witcher series. If someone hadn’t (should do it btw, great books), skip this next paragraph cause of some MAJOR SPOILERS. If ya don’t care, read on.

    Basicly we have a similar thing to the KOTOR games. There is a crew or rather a fellowship and their on a mission to rescue Geralt’s (main character) beloved sorceress Yennefer and his daughter (sort of) – Ciri. There are six of them in total (including Geralt). Four of them fucking die during the final battle. However, Geralt is reunited with Yennefer and Ciri, so you think “well, at least they’re together now, right?”. Wrong. Geralt dies at the end of the book being stabbed by an idiot during a raid and Yennefer dies as well trying to save his life. Now that’s a realy sad dramatic ending. Imagine the whole Ebon Hawk’s crew dieing during some battle, Bastila finally sees Revan after years and then they both die in the next chapter. The strange thing is, I often heard people being pissed at the ending of The Witcher series but none of them said the books suck. And when I talked with them a bit more about what happened in the end, most of them have come to the conclusion that there wasn’t any other way to finish the saga.

    The thing is, Bastila and Revan were such strong characters and had a huge impact on the players that you started to care about them and I think BioWare completely ignored that fact. They just decided to keep Raven in the next game although it was settled 300 years into the future COMPLETELY taking the easy way out.
    Now I don’t think the author of the book ignored what the characters meant to the fans. I believe he just wrote a bad book. Although at this point I am judging it thru the perspective of this article cause I just started reading. I’ll give you another example with some MAJOR SPOILERS.

    Have you watcher the series finally of Dexter? His sister (who has been a major part of his life) dies at the end and Dex abandones his son and i the last scene we see him a few years older working as a lumberjack. Now that resolution might have worked. But they’ve done it SO POORLY that it just pissed everyone off. And I believe the same thing happened in the book (once again, haven’t read it, just taking info from the article). The ending where Bastila and Raven don’t see each other never again might have worked. Fans would be sad and a little disappointed but they would understand and liked the book/games IF IT WAS DONE WELL. And from what I’ve read in the article, it wasn’t.

    Conclusion – to me the character arc of Bastila, Revan and the other crew members of the Ebony Hawk that we’ve seen in Star Wars: The Old Republic and read in the book Star Wars: The Old Republic: Revan – NEVER HAPPENED. KOTOR 1 and KOTOR 2 that’s all there was to me. That’s why I’ve been searching for some fan fiction on the web.

    I feel glad that there are some people with the same feelings as mine. I’m happy I could share my thoughts here. Rammfan, great article mate.

  24. Great and absolutely accurate review! I totally agree with you and love your idea for an alternative Revan story. Good to know that there are others who also hate it that Bastila has never seen Revan again.

  25. I think it’s pretty messed up that you ruin a character just to advertise a video game. I would have rather they just ended Revan’s story at kotor 2 and leave it up to our imagination. Like the end of inception, or the grey. Instead they made this, which when I read it seemed very hashed together in a hurry, as if the rough draft was published. Also kotor 2 made the argument that he fell as a sacrifice to strengthen the republic (Kreia pretty much says that) in order to fight the threat in the unknown regions. That to me was what made Revan such a heroic character. Unlike anakin who turned for selfish reasons. Revan’s descent into darkness was like selling his soul for the safety of trillions. Instead they write that he was turned by the emperor. Like I said this just seemed thrown together to try and get the kotor fans to spend 60 bucks on another game. I wish they have just left Revan alone.

  26. The only way they can make it up to us, the fans, is if Revan vanished not because he would be defeated, but due to another, stronger presence calling out to him. Then he would stealthily slip back under cloak of night, retrieve the Exile’s remains along with T3-M4’s scraps, and bring them to this new powerful presence where he revives the Exile and rebuilds his droid. It would be a setup for him to go forward again in time, visit his descendant, and show his regret at never seeing Bastila.

    A lengthy plot ensues, blah blah blah. Somethings threatening the galaxy, we see his masterful tactician genius, some epic Jedi/Sith battles, etc.

    But at the climax, when he is at his lowest, Revan feels a strength surging around him. He recognizes the sensation; it’s Bastila’s Battle Meditation. He can almost hear her sassy voice goading him onward. Renewed with confidence, he shows his true Force potential, shaking the very foundations of the galaxy, and sacrificing himself in order to seal a void in the Force so horrible it would have decimated all life.

    The Exile Meetra survives, renewing her faith, and she is finally able to move on with her own ambitions.

    Revan’s last moments could be as a Force ghost advising his descendant to continue meditating on both the Light and Dark Side, and realizing that neither truly exist; the Force is pure. The descendant promises to spread the message. Then Revan turns… and from out of the ether comes ghost Bastila, ready to “live” the rest of eternity with him.

    But really, the best thing would be if Drew Karpyshyn realizes his mistake and performs a complete rewrite… but that is never going to happen. He obviously doesn’t give a shit. lol

    • Yes, Mr Darkness,

      Mr. Karpyshyn probably doesn’t give a shit at all, lol. I really liked your summary there! I’ve always been thinking of a way to re-do what Revan did, but I’m glad to see you’re thinking of a way to make Revan’s story good again (including Kapyshyn’s Revan). I love the idea that Revan and Bastila could be force-ghosts together in the nether-Force, instead of, y’know, separated by death or whatever the “canon” is now. Good work and thanks for reading! :D

  27. I totally agree with you. Like your story much more better. Thanks for the ending I’ll take it as the oficial

  28. How could Jedi Exile meet Bastila on Coruscant? The theme of kotor 2 was that most of the jedi were killed and the rest of them were hunted by sith triumvirate. So Bastila should have already be dead. And if this hidden sith empire waited their moment why not attacking then?

  29. If I had a timemachine, these are the 4 things i would do
    1) Stop Hitler
    2) Read the song of fire and ice books before watching a single episode of game of thrones
    3) Make bioware to do kotor 2, instead of obsidian
    4) Make bioware to do kotor 3 instead of this mmo crap

    ps. your jedi academy vids are literally the first videos that i have ever watched on youtube :D

    • You made my day :D

      But it’s a great idea, I also belong to those who think that KotOR 2 would have been much better had it been closer to the original. Not a fan of its story at all to be honest. :D

      For me, KotOR is limited to the first game lol

  30. Its terrible but necassery because even though the exile died her spirit stayed with revan and kept him calm alive and sane while trapped. Because of her death her padawans rebuilt the Jedi order and when the sith finally attacked her spirit got a republic squadron to go free revan. I hate that book but it was necassery to get to this story line. Personally I think I would rather have a mystery than this but it happened and now were stuck with it. So we might as well find something good in it.

    • T3M4 died because he saved revans life the emperor hit revan with lightning and he would have died but t3m4 used his flamethrower and interrupted the attack then the emporor used all his force and blew him up in a fit of rage like a teenage girl who didn’t get her way.

  31. However, these tickets state in some recoverable format, “Not For Sale. After all it offers you company and boosts the mood by wagging its tail and doing the tricks which you have taught it. The world has become delighted he ignored his father’s advice and followed his heart.

  32. I think it’s super neat you wrote this. Fan’s spent 50+ hours with these characters as their avatars. To wipe them out this way is just so degrading to the fans. I’m currently replaying kotor and was wishing there would be another console release but with happening I’d have no faith it would be of any good quality.

    • That would have been an interesting way to thread in the Old Republic era stuff with the times of the Skywalkers, and yes, it wouldn’t have been dumb. Love that screen-name, by the way lol

      • Considering the story of the living asteroid Canderous tells you in the game… it’s not even wrong at all, it would just fit. :O

        • That… actually made way more sense than most of it.

          Considering these are “quasi-canon” now, I’m just gonna pick and choose what pieces I want to believe happened. Rammfan518- your retelling is in there. Revan ended up potentially encountering a Vong scout, after Canderous accidentally triggered some sort of probe.

          It’s either that, or just ignore what happens after KOTOR1. Or, have KOTOR2 with the cut content put back in (and then there are some interesting fan-made mods which attempt to tell KOTOR3 in a makeshift way, the same way that some fans tried to tell SC2 before we ever knew there would be a sequel to Starcraft).

          Ima go ragequit, then get back to real life for the time being.

          • Thank you so much, TheLastMinister! And yes, with Star Wars, there is so much material over so much media, and now that a majority of it has been de-cannonized, who can tell us we can’t just pick-and-choose what we want? That’s what I sure do. Ultimately, we are fans to enjoy things the way we wish.

            And enjoy real life. It’s not a bad place to be!

  33. Totally agree with you, Revan in TOR sucks!, I hope they could change his ending someday and make Revan and Bastila to be happy

      • No no, thanks to you for this article. :)

        And yeah… one has to ignore a lot, the Expanded Universe is riddled with bullshit. Well, even the prequels are *cough* Jar Jar *cough* :D

  34. You are a completely ignorant fool. The only thing I’m not digging is I can’t tell if the story is continued in any other books, I really want to know if Scourge ever follows through and what might happen to Revan…….was hoping to possibly find some insight here, instead you’ve just provided a rant full of completely negative bias. I loved this book and the way they set it up, sorry if you didn’t but you have a very obscured and ignorant perspective.

  35. […] Rammfan is a dude with an Irish name who likes to create things (visit his super-slick website here). He has been called a film writer and a musician. He has created four full-length albums of the industrial and folk metal genres in his room. His articles have appeared on Examiner.com, WhatCulture, and Durham Today. This is a nerdy blog he pwns from time to time. He rants a lot about movies, books, and Star Wars. […]

  36. […] Rammfan is a dude with an Irish name who likes to create things (visit his super-slick website here). He has been called a film writer and a musician. He has created four full-length albums of the industrial and folk metal genres in his room. His articles have appeared on Examiner.com, WhatCulture, and Durham Today. This is a nerdy blog he pwns from time to time. He rants a lot about movies, books, and Star Wars. […]

  37. […] Rammfan is a dude with an Irish name who likes to create things (visit his super-slick website here). He has been called a film writer and a musician. He has created four full-length albums of the industrial and folk metal genres in his room. His articles have appeared on Examiner.com, WhatCulture, and Durham Today. This is a nerdy blog he pwns from time to time. He rants a lot about movies, books, and Star Wars. […]

  38. […] Rammfan is a dude with an Irish name who likes to create things (visit his super-slick website here). He has been called a film writer and a musician. He has created four full-length albums of the industrial and folk metal genres in his room. His articles have appeared on Examiner.com, WhatCulture, and Durham Today. This is a nerdy blog he pwns from time to time. He rants a lot about movies, books, and Star Wars. […]

  39. […] Rammfan is a dude with an Irish name who likes to create things (visit his super-slick website here). He has been called a film writer and a musician. He has created four full-length albums of the industrial and folk metal genres in his room. His articles have appeared on Examiner.com, WhatCulture, and Durham Today. This is a nerdy blog he pwns from time to time. He rants a lot about movies, books, and Star Wars. […]

  40. […] Rammfan is a dude with an Irish name who likes to create things (visit his super-slick website here). He has been called a film writer and a musician. He has created four full-length albums of the industrial and folk metal genres in his room. His articles have appeared on Examiner.com, WhatCulture, and Durham Today. This is a nerdy blog he pwns from time to time. He rants a lot about movies, books, and Star Wars. […]

  41. […] Rammfan is a dude with an Irish name who likes to create things (visit his super-slick website here). He has been called a film writer and a musician. He has created four full-length albums of the industrial and folk metal genres in his room. His articles have appeared on Examiner.com, WhatCulture, and Durham Today. This is a nerdy blog he pwns from time to time. He rants a lot about movies, books, and Star Wars. […]

  42. […] Rammfan is a dude with an Irish name who likes to create things (visit his super-slick website here). He has been called a film writer and a musician. He has created four full-length albums of the industrial and folk metal genres in his room. His articles have appeared on Examiner.com, WhatCulture, and Durham Today. This is a nerdy blog he pwns from time to time. He rants a lot about movies, books, and Star Wars. […]

  43. […] Rammfan is a dude with an Irish name who likes to create things (visit his super-slick website here). He has been called a film writer and a musician. He has created four full-length albums of the industrial and folk metal genres in his room. His articles have appeared on Examiner.com, WhatCulture, and Durham Today. This is a nerdy blog he pwns from time to time. He rants a lot about movies, books, and Star Wars. […]

  44. […] Rammfan is a dude with an Irish name who likes to create things (visit his super-slick website here). He has been called a film writer and a musician. He has created four full-length albums of the industrial and folk metal genres in his room. His articles have appeared on Examiner.com, WhatCulture, and Durham Today. This is a nerdy blog he pwns from time to time. He rants a lot about movies, books, and Star Wars. […]

  45. This is a long one but read it all. Trust me, I know my old republic lore.

    Kotor and Kotor2 made me believe that Revan never truely fell to the dark side. In Kotor 1 Darth Malak says that Revan never really used the star forge to its full potential and that the star forge reaches its full potential by feeding off the dark side of the force.

    Then, in Kotor2, Kreia says that when Revan came back and started conquering the galaxy he left the military bases intact. Also, the question is asked how so many good, loyal Jedi and republic troops turned so quickly. Kreia does not know the answer to that. I believe I have the answer to that question.

    When Revan defeated Mandalore on Malachor V, Mandalore revealed that they were pressured into starting the Mandalorian war by the true sith empire. Canderous Ordo states the fact that they were pressured into the war in Kotor2. Revan then goes to the unknown regions with the remaining Republic forces to fight it. He finds it, and instead of him and Malak being pathetic bitches being mind controlled by the emperor as Drew Karpyshyn would have us believe, they discover that this Sith empire is far too strong to face with their forces crippled.

    Revan and Malak then convince their remaining forces that they must return to the Republic and prepare for a far greater war. The only way to prepare for it in time is to use the dark power of the star forge to produce massive fleets and conquer the republic. The republic forces know that this is the only option because no one will believe that there is a sith empire in the unknown regions and the star forge is the only way to prepare fast enough. This explains why so many good men and women seemingly turned evil. It was out of necessity. It also explains why Revan left the military bases intact and didn’t fully give in to the star forge. He was preparing to fight the sith empire.

    This turns Revans story into an epic one instead of a pathetic one.

    As for when Revan becomes a Jedi again and ventures back into the unkown regions, he may have had a plan to delay the impeding invasion of the sith empire. Then, the exile heads off after Revan and again stalls the invasion. The invasion could be stalled by two Jedi because they were so powerful. Each of them faced and conquered the biggest threats to their own galaxy (Madalorians, Malak, Nihilus, Sion, Treya, scores of troops, assassins, dark Jedi, and terrentak). If they went to the sith empire and slaughtered 100’s of the “true sith” a piece, then the sith empire would no doubt assume that it was not yet strong enough. This is what could have caused the 300 year wait. Otherwise why wouldn’t the true sith invade right after the Jedi civil war?

    The exile and Revan would have then been sacrifices to the greater good and would have had a much better story.

    The End

    • Wow, impressive knowledge, have you do! I like the reasoning for the 300 year wait. Sadly, Revan’s canon (now, not canon?) story is one of the most disappointing turns in the whole EU. Thanks for reading!

  46. You’re version was a thousand times better, and I’ve decided to take it for truth instead of the lucasart version. Thank you for that. Well done.

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