“The Legend of Drizzt” and why I stopped reading


***This article acts like a giant spoiler for the whole series of books. If you still want to read them, I suggest you come back and read this after you have finished. Sincerely, Rammfan518***

As you know from reading this blog (if you actually follow it), I am not a big fan of stereotypical fantasy. If you don’t know about my hate for it, it means I am angered by Dwarves who love riches and live in mountains, Elves that live in the forest and are wise, and Humans being the fantastical world’s moral-scale experiment. However, when I was aching for something to read earlier this summer, my friend let me borrow his huge omnibus of “The Dark Elf Trilogy.” I had heard about this trilogy before in 2002, because some bookworm friend of mine was reading them. I had also heard of the character Drizzt do’Urden for a couple of years, but interest in reading either the books or about the hero was absent. So, I was anxious to see what everyone (nerds) was talking about.

I ripped through “Homeland,” the first chronological Legend of Drizzt book, at an amazing speed. Something about a whole other world about Dark Elves and the inter-workings of an underground, corrupt warrior-society was intriguing. And of course, the whole question of whether Drizzt would leave his horrible homeland or not. When he did, I was elated, and ready to go on the next journey. The second book, “Exile”, dealt with Drizzt wandering the caverns of the Underdark, trying to make friends and fighting some more monsters. A scheming villain, Jarlaxle, is introduced. By the end of the book, Drizzt realizes that he must go to the surface world. In “Sojourn,” Dirzzt makes it to the surface and there, meets a few people, some new enemies, entering a whole new world of discovery.

The next book, “The Crystal Shard” was typical fantasy fare at its most basic. There was seriously no deviating from the fantasy-book formula, as Drizzt helped defeat some wizard with the help of his newly found friends, Breunor, Cattie-Brie, Regis, and Wulfgar. In “Streams of Silver”, Drizzt and his friends go and seek out Mithral Hall, the lost Dwarven city. They fight monsters and evade a new villain to the series, Artemis Entreri. In “The Halfling’s Gem,” Drizzt and his buddies have to save their friend Regis from Artemis.

The next series is called “The Legacy of the Drow,” where Drizzt’s pissed-off family search out to kill him. The first book, “The Legacy”, features Drizzt alongside Regis, Cattie-Brie, Breunor, Wulfgar, fighting against Artemis and Jarlaxle. (Although it appears Wulfar is dead by the end of the novel, we later learn in the series that he is not.) In the next book “Starless Night”, Drizzt fights alongside Regis, Cattie-Brie, and Breunor, and fight against Artemis and Jarlaxle. Then I stopped reading, and I’ll tell you why.

For me, the Legend of Drizzt started out wonderfully, then slowly started to decline. Like a sitcom that has run out of material (i.e. Simpsons), it painfully and annoyingly repeated the same conventions over and over . . . and over. What I liked about the first three books of the Legend of Drizzt series was that in each book, there was different setting, and Drizzt LEARNED things. He learned something about life, and experience, and there were situations that dealt with morality, what is right and wrong, and how we feel about said situations. He struggled with his feelings about leaving his home, fighting against a zombie-version of his father, and making friends in the new world. He told the readers how he would feel when he would be outcast by an ignorant people. The first three books dealt with the issues of prejudice, racism, internal struggle, morality, and religion.

From the Crystal Shard onwards, Drizzt drops his introspective aspects and simply becomes and action hero, fighting off monsters and defeated wayward wizards. The themes about what is right and wrong are thrown right out the window, and killing Orcs is in. It is a bit like the Matrix trilogy, in which the first film raises questions about this or that and makes you think, whereas the next two are just action movies. The Icewind Dale trilogy seemed stale; tales ridden with absolutely meaningless adventure and action scenes. No one ever died or sacrificied, and actions were hardly questioned.

As if the loss of the moral depth of the first three books wasn’t enough, The Legend of Drizzt series suffers from a serious problem. In the first three books of the series, Drizzt goes to new places, meets new people, learns from them, and ultimately bids farewell to locations and friends he has made along the way. Once we get to the Icewind Dale trilogy, we have the same characters book after book after book after book. Now, you might think “Well, yea. . .it’s a fantasy series, of course it has the same characters.” I suppose that’s correct, but they run dry after a couple books, and frankly, after that many books, I get sick of the same damn group of people going on some damn adventure that they are for sure not going to die on. So, what is the point of reading?

But what is perhaps worse that using the same morally-good characters over and over is the repeated use of two villains. I cannot tell you how much I cannot stand the two assassins known as Artemis Entreri and Jarlaxle. Jarlaxle is that scheming Drow, who always has a trick up his sleeve. Artemis Entreri is Wario to Drizzt’s Mario, a great fighter and assassin. While these characters are fine and dandy, I cannot read every fucking fight between Artemis and Drizzt. They fight in Book Five, Book Six, Book Seven, Book Eight, and Book Nine, all the while spouting off their philosophies, never really defeating each other. This can get tiring from book to book, reading about the same swordsmen duel it out and try to better each other. It might work twice, but five or more times? I don’t think so. And Jarlaxle is in the book just as common, if not more so.


Repetitive much?

I was in the book store a week or two ago, and I saw that R.A.’s latest book in the Drizzt line of novels had been released. It was called “The Ghost King” and is the third part of the Transitions trilogy. I believe it is the nineteenth book to follow Drizzt in his many adventures. In the first book of this Transitions trilogy, we have the characters of Drizzt, Breunor, Cattie-Brie, Wulfar, and other series staples. Seriously. . .should characters introduced in the fourth book of a series still be in the seventeenth? Seriously, it begins to run dry after a while. I don’t feel like reading about the same fucking group of heroes who will never die or be defeated. It’s just boring, man.

And that, my friends, is why I stopped reading.

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67 thoughts on ““The Legend of Drizzt” and why I stopped reading

  1. My thoughts exactly. I did like that Artemis and Drizzt finally had their climactic fight where both got what they wanted, but Drizzt to me is dead as a character. I knew the nail was in the coffin the instant that I finished the Orc King series; it was like reading a plot synopsis for the third trilogy. Wulfgar has emotional problems, Bruenor has a fixation on an ancient home, Regis gets to be greedy, Cattibrie wants Drizzt, and Drizzt just gets to be awesome.

  2. I agree with all that, i can tell you the the exact moment i slammed shut the cover for the last time, was when i read, with disbelief, about the berzerker dwarfs linking hands and rolling merrily about squishing enemies left right and center! It had in my eyes reached the level of tom and jerry violence.

  3. I dunno I liked the books, the characters eventually grew on me and I think the first three books and the icewind dale trilogy are my favorites. Also in the ghost king there is a huge cliff hanger which was definetly worth the read. one reason I kept reading was because the way salvatore conducted his fighting scenes and the different struggles they went through. He wrote a lot of books and if you think about it what else is there to write about at a certain point, it was as if he was just recounting past events and history in the forgotten realms.

    I suggest the Cleric Quintent, that was a fun book to read and Cadderly goes from the lowly “oh I cant do anything” character to the “I can blow things up with a single word” kind of guy. Cliche I know but it was still fun.

  4. so did you even read the last three books(The orc king, the pirate king, and the ghost king)?!?!?! they were fucking epic. the writing, the personal growth between ALL of the characters, the different directions the plot keeps throwing you in make sure you’re on your toes the entire book. Sure the titles are pretty generic but its about the book, and those three books made up for his other books. WHICH I STILL LOVED!

  5. I personally think your an idiot… the crystal shard was salvatores first fantasy book, of course it is going to have a few plot problems because he was still new to the writing game at that point…. judging based on that book it retarded… and the series you stopped on was mainly to shed more light on the character of jarlaxle and to get rid of all loose ends involving drizzt’s family, not to mention set up for the mass invasion of mithril hall…. and the entire theme is based on drizzt’s growth, if he didnt learn anything else he wouldnt have noticed that his vow not to kill drow wasnt noble but stupid… there is constant growth throughout the series including development with the leader of silverymoon, the harpells, and the death of one of the most noble side characters to ever exist in the upcoming book…. not to mention an orc who changes all basis of his perceptions on the world and calls into perspective all of the goblin/orc/dueregar lives drizzt considered inconsequential since they were “evil”…. drizzt never stops growing throughout the series…. it is one of the most amazing series to have ever been formed and nothing so i have read so far can even hold a candle to it… it is not the fault of the series that you have no taste (oh and for the record, while most of the people reading this book are probably nerds, its normally only a stuck up bitch that refers to her friends as such)

    • Thank you so very much for your comment about the admittedly minimal fantasy reader.Drizzt is one of the most beloved characters among fantasy readers.Real ones anyway.Dickhead says Jarlaxle is an assassin? WTF! Has he even read the books of neverwinter? Not once did he mention Drizzts’ best fights/enemies. Can you say Dantrag? Even the other reviews I have read of his are retarded. Just read The Wheel of Time series and shut the F… up!

  6. oh and btw… if your going to criticize the book at least keep to your stories… you said that introspective was gone after the icewind dale book but about drizzt and entreri you said “They fight in Book Five, Book Six, Book Seven, Book Eight, and Book Nine, all the while spouting off their philosophies”…. if drizzt is sprouting his philosophies while having his perceptions shaken by entreri that is the introspect and moral issues that you had just said disappeared…. my guess is that you just dont have any taste for good reading, so you can go and finish reading that collective lump of shit known as the twilight series, cuz someone without any ability to appreciate actual writing isnt worth my time.

  7. also as a spoiler, you dont have to worry about “the same old group”, 2 of the main characters are dead and gone after the last book

    • Thank you very much. and a note to every one else: the average drow lifespan is 700 years, of course there are alot of books. And if you read the neverwinter trilogy then you find out what happens after the other characters die. (except artimus… kind of)

  8. *smacks the writer of this* artemis entreri is the most amazing character ever, and the last battle between them ended with drizzt dourden getting a gaping hole blown in his fucking chest….. but i would like to say that the sellsword trilogy is WAY better… this series follows the mindset of that deadly assassin after his “defeat” of drizzt do’urden… and includes jarlaxle… who is fucking awesome….

  9. i agree with “for the record”
    the books are genius and if u had any idea about forgotten realms nd all tht jazz then ud think so too so quit ur bitchin. seriously u deserve a smack by R.A salvatore himself. love the books and always will

  10. The most recent book is possibly his best book yet in the series. And I share a lot of opinions with you about the later books (I stopped but ended up picking it back up from boredom). Homeland and possible Exile are my favorite in the series up until The Ghost King.

  11. Oh and Wulfgar, Cattie’brie, and Regis are all a no show in the book. So you are wrong in your statement: CB and Regis are in it, but they are out of the picture in the first few chapters. “we have the characters of Drizzt, Breunor, Cattie-Brie, Wulfar, and other series staples.” The book is so great because of new characters and their interactions with old characters (Bruenor and Drizzt). Bruenor and Drizzt both grow in it also, which really hasn’t happened for 8 or 9 books.

  12. O… My… GAWD! ARE YOU SERIOUS? I agree with For The Record. This is my second favorite series, (after The Inheritance, Eregon, Eldest, Brisingr.) and I’ve been reading since FOUR. RAS has the best fighting scenes I’ve read, and unless you didn’t notice, he was having morality problems throughout the book. And,
    (SPOILER_SPOILER_SPOILER_SPOILER_SPOILER_SPOILER_SPOILER_SPOILER_SPOILER_SPOILER_SPOILER_SPOILER_) Cattie-Brie and Regis both fall to the spellplague in the Ghost King. While I am fine with you thinking your opinion, I don’t want you to make OTHER PEOPLE not read it! And besides, the Crystal Shard was his first fantasy book. Don’t be so hard on RAS. He’s one of the best authors whose books I’ve read. I’m sad there is no more… It saddened me greatly when I finished The Ghost King. It brought tears to my eyes to read about CB and Regis dying. I think you should SLOWLY re-read the series. Try! It ALWAYS helps me.

    • This is the first time i actually replied to comment on a blog. I was reading this guy’s post because i was deciding whether or not i should begin this series and I was almost convinced that its a piece of crap until i stumbled across your comment. you said your all time favorite Series is the Inheritance and that’s like THE FANTASY of the century if not of all time. so im gonna go ahead and start reading haha thanks

  13. The issue with reading them in chronological order is that he got better the more he wrote, so the dark elf trilogy was a lot better than the icewind dale trilogy. Just as the last two boks of the icewind dale trilogy were better than the crystal shard. However the legacy of the Drow series just keeps getting better, although the very ending of the tenth book was a little hokey, but where its really at is after that in the paths of darkness trilogy. That was the best part of the series as Wulfgar becomes one of the most facinating characters I’ve ever read about in a fantasy series. I’m not done with the series yet, but I’m going to have to disagree. I’ve loved all of the books and am excited to read the rest, and I’m really picky when it comes to books. Anyway, if you want to read a truly unique fantasy series read the Alvin Maker series by Orson Scott Card. It gets a little lame at the end but the first three books are amazing.

    • It’s kind of unfortunate to say, but all of Orson Scott Cards books series’ get lame near the end. I’ve read them all, and he does it over and over. They start out strong, and by the end, they are just flopping around, trying not be super Mormon, all the while his Mormon views creep in. xD

  14. You’re all idiots. If you hate this series, you obviously didn’t get the point. You didn’t get the message Salvatore was trying to send. He started the series before fantasy was a big deal, so fantasy like that wasn’t overused, and he changed that in the transtition books. He also takes the time to do what other authors haven’t been able to do. He let you get to know the villians too. His fights scenes are absolutely amazing, as well, as he’s an amazing author. I met him in person, and he’s an all-out wonderful, funny guy. You don’t have to like the series, but don’t hate on it, because even if you don’t like it, you can’t say it’s completely horrible. And don’t hate on the author, please. He’s a wonderful guy. Are you a Twilight fan? Cause you sound like one.

    • Man , I agree with all you said to the hater except that Salvatore wrote Drizzt novels before fantasy was a big deal.=Not rying to be mean at all bro,it’s just that there is absolutely amazing fantasy that came way before R.A. Salvatore=If you have not seen check out audible.com,new Drizzt short stories,audio books, free!

  15. By the way, you’re wrong, Drizzt kept learning and changing. And i really think you should read the newest books, because everything changes. It’s not ‘the same thing over and over.

  16. I would have to disagree, i first read the entire legend of drizzt, then went and read the separate trilogies, quintets, etc. which i was surprised to learn are different than the legend of drizzt. and now i am reading the pirate king after reading the orc king, and i still am not tired of the same characters, drizzt actually does learn the entire time by the way, i don’t know why you would say he stopped learning after the third book. I can’t wait to read the Neverwinter books.

  17. Originally, Icewind Dale was supposed to center on Wulfgar and in some ways you can still see the intention. Drizzt is often described as stoic and following the lead of the rest of the group because he can’t think of a better plan.

    The Dark Elf trilogy came later to give Drizzt a better background and history and in my opinion has a slower progression that doesn’t well keep up the suspense.

    The rivalry between Entrari and Drizzt is about the constant struggle of morality, not just in the world itself but in a man. Drizzt who faces regular prejudice on his road of ‘a good drow’ could easily have chosen the path of least resistance and done as his father did and played the ‘obedient evil weapon master’. And Entrari who believes he needs to be this dark cold sinister thing because the world makes no room for kindness. Both of similar skill and similar background, but having chosen very different paths find that the existence of the other threatens the meaning of there life.

    The reason you only see “an action movie” book is because you don’t put you’re mind into reading deeper, just because it is more subtle does not mean it isn’t there, the depth you have missed.

    If the series was not to your tastes that isn’t any reason to criticize it when far more literary knowledgeable then you have sung praises about it. I personally don’t like Stephan Kings writing style but that doesn’t mean he is a bad writer, it only means I don’t have the frame of mind to appreciate it.

    Heres a suggestion, before you try to criticize, understand why it should be criticized, read ‘HOW TO MARK A BOOK¹ by Mortimer J. Adler, study English and creative writing a bit, think about problems more then ‘i didn’t like the characters and it seems repetitive.’ Explain from and intellectual stand point why you thought this was something to be criticized.

    I hope you can learn to appreciate reading more from the advice. Thank you for your time.

    • Great reply! You must be an awesome person. I let my anger devolve not only my vocabulary but my patience as well. I just know and love all fantasy,you should see my personal library!

  18. Scathing reviews of his opinion :) I agree… and disagree. While I see your point, I did get hung up around book 13, it started to feel slow, and drag on… At times the series has a lot of “filler” material, needless battle depictions, bar brawls, crazy wizards, etc… that dont contribute much to the story, but may take a hundred or more pages in one of the books. I do LOVE the series, despite it being written by a human, who is obviously not perfect, but IS an excellent story teller. Often my biggest complaint about a series is that it ended, and this series held off that complaint for a 6-month deployment in the middle east. I can tell you this: The battles of this series were far more entertaining than the battles witness here…

  19. You may not like the books any more because you say the characters are stale. Well I suggest to you reading the somewhat new book called anthologies because they are a great series of side plots and they give rise to other issues and moral questions, just like the first three books. Particularly the one about the goblin. Eye openers all of them.

  20. Dude your a fuckin queer say you dont like the series and then make a forty page essay bashing it. You should have just wrote a book if you think you can do better. When you stopped liking the series, you should have shut the fuck up about it you imbudil. Legend of drizzt is the greatest book series of all time and if you kept reading you would have found that out. Drizzt is always learning and when hes not hes demolishing bitchasses, such as yourself. Go get a fucking life, read the twilight series with your queerass. I honestly cannot belive you would go out of your way to criticize and spoil a series you dont even like. Ill b waiting to see what your ” intellectual” mind can accomplish in a book series. Oh wait, no I wont, cuz your a fucking idiot and thrre are plenty of good writers I can choose from. eat a dick and choke on it homo

  21. I really feel like america fucked up by giving idiots like you the ability to voice there ignorant opinions. Nothing you say makes any sense whatsoever. You sound like someone who jacks off to the wheel of time series. Please kill yourself. This is also my first time ever posting on a blog, and im 22 have been reading since 5. I wish I could see you so I could knock your fuckin lights out ppl like you make me wanna buy a sniper rifle. Goodbye sir and I hope you grow up

  22. Last note, anyone who like good ass kicking fantasy series that arent soap operas, start with the legend of drizzt, read the diablo series by richard knaak, the elric saga by michael moorcock, the inheritance cycle by christopher paolini, the dark tower by stephen king, the conclave of shadows by raymond feist, even read the iliad and the oddysey. And obviously dont listen to anything rammfan518 says, cuz that guy is a fucking tard. I mean, seriously, hes a rams fan. He has to be slightly handicapped

  23. I am currently on the 12th book of the drizzt series. And in no way is it repedative. It is truely a work of art. I haven’t liked a series this much since runelords by david farland.

  24. ass if would keep reading like a trow fan you would knoow that all but drizzt is dead i may not like it but a tru fan i am the now ones got all the things youe bitch ass needs

  25. In the Ghost King, Wulfgar has left the group, Artemis’ wherabouts are unknown, and Cattie-Brie and Regis end up dead by the end. In his truly latest book, Gauntlgrym, Bruenor dies and Drizzt has gone entered a struggle with himself about who he is and what he believes in. He has become darker with and more willing to fight and to kill. He has new enemies and new friends. I understand your feelings about the legend of Drizzt series but if you had read some of his interlinking books you probably would have not been so bored.

  26. I’m just going to say that you’re retarded. If you need an explanation why, you’re even more retarded. Every one of these books are quality fantasy works clearly beyond your intelligence.

  27. To put bluntly. I read all the books up to the cliff hanger in the resent book, just the first the Neverwinter trilogy book. I am waiting on the others. But, as far as I read. Drizzt Do’Urden has went from Lawful Good, Which was the intention, to Chaotic Good. He went from one side of the alignment to the other side. And Artemis is long dead. Even though Artemis was half shade from absorbing a lich lord into himself. ( Spoiler on why he has grey skin and seemed like half the age he actually was. ) And the true lifespan of an Eladrin is from 700 to 2,000 years, depending on which race. Eladrin is the entire catagory of elves, regardless of race, by the way.

    Grey Robe ( Forgot his name, but he is an assassin class type lawful evil character ) , is from the neverwinter trilogy. He is the.. How do you put it? The second coming of Artemis Entreri, just far more violent and much more lethal than Artemis was originally.

    And to put it more clearly about Jarlaxle, He is an Anti-hero. He is lawful evil, but has good intentions. He thinks as Drizzt should. Jarlaxle is older than Drizzt and tries to help him understand that he should not deny himself of being a Drow who is living on the surface. He shows and pretty much fucking tells Drizzt that he SHOULD EMBRACE his Drow religion, and retain his connection with his Deity. His Deity, the Unicorn Goddess, even comes to him in a few of the books and basically pushes him to accept his heritage.

    Drizzt went Chaotic Good, because he could not cope with the LOSS of ALL his FRIENDS and LOVED ONES ( Mainly the Dwarf and CB ) because they were introduced before Wulfgar was. Put bluntly. The first two people that drizzt truly grew on the most was BBH and CB. Wulfgar came later, as did Regis.

    But, again. Drizzt finally accepted love before the NeverWinter trilogy by bonding with an Elf. Basically, the elf is a female, who had a horrible childhood. She was about, eight years old in elven years, but close to 24 years in human years, Even so. She was brutally beaten and then raped, got pregnant, and then took the Tielfing baby of hers that she bore, just to be an ass to the person who raped her. She literally “Here is your child!” *Threw the half-elven tielfing off the side of the cliff, after screaming the dude’s name for about a good 45 minutes. and then walked away when the baby splattered at the base of the cliff’s wall.*

    So to say there is no Internal issues, while having a plot to it, is just saying that Edward Cullen is a Faggotry Faerie who runs in an enchanted forest like a retard he is, glittering from all the pixie dust ( CRACK ) he does off camera.

    Yes, I flamed Twilight for having a faggot who glitters..

    Besides that. Drizzt Do’Urden is still growing and being built on still. He is still in his creation. Not to meantion that Drizzt is HAVING INTERNAL STRUGGLES WITH HIS OWN DEMONS THAT HE CREATED OVER THE YEARS OF SELF INFLICTED TORMENT. Not to meantion that Jarlaxle is still alive and is FEELING SORROWFUL FOR INFLICTING THAT MUCH EMOTIONAL TRAUMA ON DRIZZT since the third Book.

    Jarlaxle also feels emotionally deserving on being blamed for how he forcefully pushed Artemis towards Drizzt. At first, Jarlaxle just wanted to get amusement from it. After a while, he got saddened by the fact that he caused so much pain for both, Drizzt, which Jarlaxle considered a brethren, and his closest friend, Artemis Entreri. Jarlaxle even admits that he was somewhat at fault for causing the two to have met.

    Pwent also died, just before BBH did. Pwent went down when the vampire bastard bit him in the jugular, and BBH went down when Pwent helped him to the lever, to shut the volcano down, saving the lost Dwarven city. Pwent was an awesome sub character.. Loved his antics. <3

    Now, back to what I was about to post. Drizzt Do'Urden is not yet completely built. He might never be completed. His Augment continues to change. He is now, SLOWLY, being brought back to Lawful Good, because of the elven maiden he now travels with.

    • Yeah why do the vampires in twilight glitter. I was basically for Ed to watch the first one and it doesn’t really make sense.

  28. Guy that wrote this is an idiot.. I fucking hate you. Drizzt is probably the most morally driven character ever created and has to stick to his beliefs constantly while making subtle changes and experiencing inner turmoil.

    • His opinion is void anyways. I dont think you can have a valid opinion of a series…. IF YOU DID NOT READ THE WHOLE FUCKING SERIES… so yeah he is an idiot :P lol

  29. Not sure if someone mentioned this but crystal shard is the first book.Homeland, exile p, and sojourn are prequels. I like the series up to the ghost king which was really sad. The 3 books after I was really meh on.

  30. I’m not sure how old this post is. You stopped reading at the wrong spot friend. The first three books your read were actually written after the crystal trilogy. Jarl axle and Artemis turn into quasi good guys. There will definitely be some cliches but the writing improves until the book after bruneor finally does for real. Then the next three books are less than the best. They are picking up again though and there are still more on the way.

  31. Shut the hell up, you sound like a delusional fanboy. The author is right, Drizzt is stale and a boring archetype of a goody two shoes (who just lacks the superman cape) whos potential was wasted.

  32. Pro tip: books based in a d&d campaign setting are expected to be typical fantasy fair. The Drizzt books are amazing.

  33. The problem you have is actually a misunderstanding of the chronology of the series.

    “The Icewind Dale Trilogy” was R.A. Salvatore’s first published books, and the works of a less experienced author. By the time he got to “The Dark Elf Trilogy” he was a much more polished author, and had realized his style.

    I had a different reason for not reading the comics. The art style switch was HORRIBLE. Tim Seeley’s style had a young, emotive face with depth of character, sharp clean lines, and good composition.

    The new style is all bulgy muscles, broad strokes, exageration and overfilled windows. The inking was in bands, the gradient glows were almost non-existent in the inking, and overall it was like I was looking at two completely different people.

    You really should pick up some of his later works. Icewind Dale was written “to” Forgotten Realms standards, which are almost exactly as you stated in your article… a collection of formula written books to please those who just need another narrative about dwarves, elves, and halflings. When he got a little recognition and credibility he had a greater amount of freedom to really control the direction of his intellectual property.

    That is why the first two graphic novels where so insightful, complex, and deep with interesting themes, they were written later, and the first attempts read like the experimentations of an inexperienced author.

  34. I know this was a while ago, but if you want different, I hope you read the Sellswords. Oh my gosh, Artemis and Jarlaxle got so much more fleshed out, and Drizzt and the others weren’t in there at all. I love reading with the antagonists in the spotlight. Now I feel spoiled and sad I don’t have any more here.

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